Do i need a face mask in beijing

Very pricy and inconvenient to wear. You can see the fuzziness around the streetlights here al I would check the AQ and you can always buy masks there if you need. Been to Beijing many times and would never dream of wearing a mask, you do see a minority of locals wearing masks even on subway! Strange ! Maybe if I lived their more than 3 wks a yr I would but I already get enough stares staying in a non tourist part of Beijing, could only imagine the looks I'd get if I wore a mask!If you are moving to Beijing, however, wearing a mask is definitely advisable when the pollution levels are up and you are out and about. I do suggest that it is really not neccesary to take with you a mask, instead you may need some moisturizer as it may get very dry in October in Beijing. In Beijing, both locals and expats have been wearing face masks for many years to protect themselves from air pollution, especially during the winter months. One day was very poor air quality, so we picked up masks (3M) at our hotel ( also at many convenience stores) and wore them outside on that one day. That’s pretty much exactly the line of questions that went through my head when I started feeling dizzy while biking around Guangzhou. Wow, there’s a lot in that question! But I can relate. No need for a mask. 28/02/2014 · One Beijing doctor is asking: what actually makes a good face mask? Blue skies were finally visible in Beijing afte seven straight days of intense pollution, but if …October is actually the best month to see Beijing. . The minuscule, non visible particles will go deep in to your lungs. Spring too short, summer too hot and winter too cold. I just returned from a 10 day visit. Maybe only if there are sand storms in Beijing. This is a new type of mask now appearing as alternatives to the traditional face mask. For a short period not a big problem. They can be bought easily in Beijing, so no real need to take one with you. But in Shanghai they were rarely seen. The symptoms have gone away, 3 Their pollution masks are designed to filter air they breath through the nose, with exhalation from the mouth. Even so, we both had an annoying dry cough, and I had some nasal congestion. If you want to protect you against this you need professional mask, with separate active filters. Your body will cope with it. I had the app and checked it

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