Colgate plax whitening mouthwash use

12/06/2008 · Hi I got traintrack braces a few days ago. Introducing new Colgate Plax Herbal Salt With pure sea salt, no alcohol it offers a unique gargling experience and 12 hours of protection it offers a unique got going experience and With […]I choose my mouthwash randomly. A recommendation pad to use with your patients. after she went shopping. So far, it is the best mouthwash I had. same brand- Colgate Plax Fresh tea mouth wash, it's very nice. My last purchase was this Colgate Plax Antibacterial Whitening Mouthwash. Anyway, one mouthwash that I have used recently is Colgate Plax Complete Care. Now from one of the fastest growing whitening brands, Colgate® Optic White™ offers dramatic whitening in a professional take-home kit for fast, safe, and effective results. I just forgot its price 21/09/2005 · Hello Guys, is the colgate plax mouthwash helps the canker sores heal? I'd read the bottle and it has no burning sensation. NOTE TO PHARMACIST: These products are available from your local wholesaler. I love that and going to purchase my second bottle now. a reply to this message would be great. does that help to heal sores in the mouth? I'd use lesterine and DANG it! it burns like hell, so I quit using it and switch to colgate plax mouthwash. thanks :) Melckem 4 June 15Amina, don't buy this one, there is a better one out now, i have not yet reviewed it. keeping your mouth healthy is no longer a chore or an uncomfortable experience. My mom bought it one day. Thanks!Colgate® Optic White™ Professional Take-home Kit (Requires Custom Tray)* High-impact whitening for your patients. do buy that one instead. In terms of price, it is very competitive with the other brands. It is formulated with gentle cleansing crystals that help remove surface stains, fluoride that helps to strengthen teeth and prevent against tooth decay, and original mint to freshen the whole mouth. I feel fresher and cleaner after using it in my mouth. This means that I buy the cheapest available when I need it. The Colgate Triple Action has three unique stripes for a three-way protection that includes cavity protection, teeth whitening, and fresh breath. She told me she wanted to try a new brand of mouthwash. Now I'm wondering whether or not to buy some Colgate Plax Whitening mouthwash to keep my teeth super-white, but are there any possible effects on my teeth/braces. Please contact your pharmabroker representative for more information or to place an order. Fresh breath and whiter teeth giving you the perfect start to your day!. It does I prefer using mouthwash. I usually use mouthwash once a day before going to bed. Download Printable Version . Unlike other mouthwash I have tried, this product is very mild. Compliment your teeth whitening routine by using a whitening mouthwash

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